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Jactone PAFSS, automatic fire suppression systems for enclosures, fume cabinet protection and microenvironments. Automatic and quick acting, Jactone PAFSS can cover a range of applications and offer great flexibility to be tailored to customer and installation requirements.

There are many situations where dealing with a fire at source will both minimise the damage of valuable assets by extinguishing the fire early and before it more fully develops, enabling a quicker recovery of operations. The range of Jactone PAFSS builds on years of experience and technical knowledge acquired in the fire extinguisher industry. Jactone PAFSS can cover a range of applications and can be tailored to customer requirements, but the following common features apply:

Simple to install and cost effective to maintain.
Totally self contained, requiring no electrical source and remaining operational during power interruption.
Systems include detection / discharge tubing, superbly engineered specialist valves / regulators and pressure vessel(s) containing an appropriately selected fire extinguishing agent.
Unique features derived from innovative technology.

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What we can offer:

• Fire Extinguisher / Hose Reel Servicing
• Fire Alarm Servicing
• Kitchen-Safe Suppression System
• PAT Testing