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We offer a large range of different fire blankets, colour, shape and size to suit your every needs whether it be in your home or at work.

Premium Range
These unique 3-ply material offer two layers of woven glass fibre with an inner layer of fire retardant film and a 5 year guarantee.
Quality Range
Unlike the premium range, these still offer an impressive 2 ply material with two layers of woven glass-fibre fabric.
Aerosol Extinguishers
These aerosol extinguishers complete with a mounting bracket, have been cleverly designed, as no formal maintenance is required, unlike some other manufacturers aerosol extinguishers, they come with an impressive 3 year guarantee.
Cooking Fire Extinguisher
They have been specifically designed for use on deep fat fryers and barbecue fires for the home and leisure activities.

Smoke Alarms
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