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As a Class 1 Medical Device, an Evacuation Chair should be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure its safe operation. This requirement is included within the PUWER Regulation. (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).

To help clients meet this legal requirement CFSS Ltd can offer an annual service contract, which ensures Evacuation Chairs are fully operational, meet legal obligations and are ready for emergencies.

What is included:
Visual Inspection, Renewal of any Wearing Parts, Testing Recording & Reporting 

Evacuation Chair
Evacusafe Tracked Evacuation Chairs are designed to enable the safe and comfortable evacuation of mobility impaired people in the event of an emergency, such as fire. The chairs are designed for ease-of-use on internal stairways and fire escapes as well as along flat surfaces.
Evacuation Chair - Standard
Lightweight yet incredibly strong, the chairs can transport persons of up to 160Kg. The tracks create friction which acts as a brake to slow the descent and allows for smooth, controlled operation.
Ambulance Transit Chairs
Transit / Ambulance Chairs are primarily used to transport persons across level surfaces to a place of safety. A modern version of Patient Transport Chairs used by Hospitals and Ambulance services; they can be used to carry patients up as well as down the stairs.
Evacuation Slider
Evacusliders are a modern version of the Rescue-sheets, used in hospitals and care homes, to slide patients to safety during an evacuation. Unlike the older type of rescue-sheet, which is typically fixed to the underside of a hospital mattress, all Evacusliders are quick to deploy and very easy to use.
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